Sampling of Published Works


CHANA Event Highlights Role of Community in Addressing Domestic Violence

CHANA Presents Fundraiser To Support Victims Of Domestic Violence

Buses carry message of hope to domestic abuse victims in Montgomery Co.

Share Your Story: Cheryl Kravitz

Olney Theatre Center

Our Words Can Trigger Use of Language by Yoga Teachers

Карантин – ловушка для жертв домашнего насилия (  (Note: This VOA link can translate into English)

Montgomery County Media: Story of Survival

My Personal Glinda

"SHEroes" series

PSA for the Montgomery County Family Justice Center

Nonprofits Spring Into Internship Season

501(c) Services

By Brigid O’Leary

Choose Respect Conference Focus: #respectyourselfie2015

Montgomery Community Media

​​by Krista Brick

Ending Domestic Violence: It Often Takes a Friend
DC Friendship Examiner
by Cari Shane Parvin

Targeting Prejudice by Exposing Stereotypes
Montgomery County Gazette
by Kristina Gawrgy
LDAMC: The Learning Disabilities Association of Montgomery County
Appointed to the Special Education Continuous Improvement 
Team Advisory Committee  

Red Cross Emergency Preparedness

Montgomery Community Media


Victims Discuss Their Pain, Healing - Third annual forum on domestic violence designed to promote awareness
Prince George's County Gazette

Domestic Abuse Survivors
​Tell Their Stories

Prince George's County Gazette

Journalists Put Heads Together
​to Combat Stereotypes

The Washington Post

Respect Rally Aims to Rise Above

The Washington Times

How My Daughter and I Survived My Abusive Jewish Husband 


My Sister and I Went Through All Five Stages of Grief 

Option B

Share Your Story

Susan G. Komen

This is What Made Me Finally Embrace My Jewess Hair


How To Support Domestic Violence Victims During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Washington Post 

Campfire Turns Theory Into Practice
​Building a Nation of Thriving Youth

After School Today

Maryland moves to expand midwifery care

Washington Jewish Week

You Can Do Magic


Be a Friend to a Victim of Domestic Abuse

Washington Post

Bending Towards the Sun

Yoga Diaries

Yeah Yeah Yeah

What's In A Name? Plenty, When You Can't Remember
Washington Post

A First Love Reappears
Washington Post

Dispatch from a Dog Lover
Washington Post
Years Later, Autograph Book's Message Takes on a Clearer Meaning
Washington Post

Its Never Too Late to Become a
​Bronze Goddess

Washington Post

Getting Into the Swim of Things
Washington Post

Dispatch from the Land of Nerds:
I Might be a Dork, But I'll Always
​Sing and Dance

Washington Post

After Years of Silence, The Notes
​Come at Last
Washington Post

My Stimulus Plan? It’s Scandalous!  
Washington Post

It Sure Is Easy to Get Lost in the District
Washington Post

Washington: Her Kind of Town
Washington Post

Making a Life List of Righteous People
Washington Post

My Private Hell - Our Marriage Looked Like a Dream Come True, but Nobody Knew I Was a Battered Wife
The Washingtonian Magazine

Reflection; A Caring Someone Can Heal the Hurt
The Washington Post