-- Harold W. Brooks --
Senior Vice President International Operations, 
American Red Cross

"Cheryl Kravitz is someone I had the privilege to work for at American Red Cross National Headquarters.

Our team raised funds for disaster relief and worked to provide support to victims of natural and man-made calamities. Cheryl's passion for compassion always inspired us all to go far beyond what we thought we could. Her devotion for service to those in need, as well as her fundraising expertise, standout for me.

I also worked with her when she directed national media outreach concentrating on television. She is able to skillfully work through any media crisis - keeping in mind the needs of the organization and the responsibility of the press."  

-- Betty Martinez Lowery --
Manager, Walt Disney World Corporate Citizenship

"In life, if you are very lucky, you meet people who change you forever. Cheryl Kravitz is one of those people for me. Her work on the importance and power of language in building inclusion and respect among people revolutionized my thinking.

She made me aware of my own unconscious bias, and how often I was completely unaware of my own privilege. Cheryl taught me about micro aggression long before it was a commonly used term, and for the first time I was able to recognize commonplace “isms”  so subtle  that neither victim nor perpetrator realize their impact.

Cheryl opened a world of understanding for me, and I have never been the same."

Behind the Face


Whenever I conduct training, give media interviews or make presentations, I always talk about “The Person Behind the Face.” I try to live my life and conduct my business that way – to see beyond the superficial and to discover the most important goals and background of an individual, a company or a non-profit. 

I know that together we can make a positive difference. 

Through the years I have worked with organizations that respond to crisis, bring diverse groups together and report the news. I am proud of the results, outcomes that wouldn't be possible without the strength of people joining together.

It would be an honor to work with you.

  • ​Africare
  • The Allstate Foundation
  • ​Alzheimer's Prevention and Research Foundation 
  • American Red Cross
  • Camp Fire National 
  • Carroll County Community College
  • CASA of Prince George's County
  • Domestic Violence Coordinating Council
  • ​ElderSafe
  • Ft. McNair
  • Girl Scouts of the National Capital Region
  • The Maryland Network to End Domestic Violence
  • Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
  • Mitchell College
  • Montgomery County Family Justice Center Foundation
  • Montgomery County Government
  • Montgomery County Sheriff's Office
  • National Defense University
  • National Network to End Domestic Violence
  • National Student Leadership Conference 
  • Prince George's County Community College
  • Prince George’s County Sheriff’s Office
  • ​The University of Maryland​
  • ​Verizon Wireless
  • Washington Region for Justice and Inclusion
  • The Wednesday Morning Group


My friend and colleague Rick Koonce, honored me with a description of the work I do in our communities around the country. 

He says: "Cheryl Kravitz is a passionate and gifted communicator on issues relating to domestic violence, community building, and human rights. She is exceptionally talented at bringing people together, and building bridges of understanding where none existed before. Any organization looking for help in communicating messages of hope, empowerment, advocacy and assistance to others would be well served by enlisting the services of Cheryl Kravitz to help it achieve its goals."

Speaking to groups about topics important to them and the larger community is something that is very important to me. I have presented at hundreds conferences. It was a privilege to recently speak at the Choose Respect Conference about teen dating violence, the IABC forum on Crisis Communications, the University of Maryland and numerous other events around diversity issues and domestic violence prevention.

My experience as a reporter, editor and freelance writer will provide insight to organizations striving for article placement. I also have served as the organizational spokesperson nationally and locally, during good times and bad. I have extensive background in managing press conferences and media training.

For over two decades I have provided training to a myriad of groups on the importance of building an inclusive workplace. Special emphasis is placed on raising personal awareness and sensitivity to individual differences. Achieving inclusion for all groups in today’s workplace is a challenging undertaking and recognizing the complexities of a diverse workforce creates unique opportunities for everyone. Change, whether personal or organizational, doesn't just happen; it must be nurtured and managed. I am proud of the work accomplished by my clients and continue to learn about advances in the field so I can share the knowledge.

When I received my accreditation from the Public Relations Society of America, I learned the golden rule of any crisis communications situation -tell the truth, tell it all and tell it quickly. 

Organizations cannot anticipate when a crisis will develop, so is important to be prepared for anything. In my work with The American Red Cross, NCCJ and other groups, I have worked on crisis plans and implementation ranging from the AIDS epidemic to the ever changing media landscape after natural and man-made disasters to racial, religious and ethnic confrontations.